Foundations: What We Do

Foundations: What We Do




FOUNDATIONS consists of 6 individual courses that include:

    • How We Began
    • Who We Are
    • Who We Serve
    • What We Do (this course)
    • How Transformation Happens
    • Where We Are Going (must complete all 5 other courses before taking this course)


      1. List the key facts in Teen Challenge history in chronological order.
      2. Know the story of how our ministry began and how it continues to grow across the United States and around the world.
      3. Recognize what types of Teen Challenge centers exist today and the role of the national office.
      4. Reflect on your role in the ministry of Teen Challenge today.

Who This Course Is For

This course will benefit all new Teen Challenge staff members and volunteers.

What You Get

      • An overview of the founding of Teen Challenge.
      • A basic introduction of the foundational elements of the Teen Challenge ministry.

You Will Gain

      • A clearer picture of the purpose and mission of Teen Challenge.
      • An understanding of the path that brought Teen Challenge to where it is today.
      • A fresh vision for the mission of Teen Challenge.
      • A passion for your part in the future of Teen Challenge.

Materials Needed

No additional materials are required for this course.

Course Requirements

      • There are no prerequisites for this course.
      • The very last FOUNDATIONS course, Where We Are Going,requires the completion of all 5 of the other courses in the FOUNDATIONS series first.
      • You must click “Mark Complete” once you have completed each Lesson Topic.
      • You must pass a quiz by at least 85% to move on the next Lesson and complete the Course.

Upon Successful Completion of this Course

You will receive a completion certificate for 2 CEU hours for this course.