Please Note:

If you are taking the PSNL Online course, and you have trouble moving on into the next lesson, even after passing it, let Christa know, and she can help you. We’re having some glitches due to having to reinstall some of the videos and quizzes. The best thing to do is email: ChristaT@teenchallengeusa.org. Thank you for your patience.

If you would like to preview the new LMS in our next Zoom meetings to see about on-boarding your center, we are scheduling previews for those for Apr. 7th and 9th at 2pm CST. Contact ChristaT@teenchallengeusa.org for the links. If you are a center director or in charge of online learning for your center and you have not participated in a training yet, you will want to make sure to do so. This step is required before we can onboard you into the new system.

Because we are in the process of onboarding everyone into the new LMS, we are not adding Universal Precautions 2020, Confidentiality 2020, or Fire Safety 2020 to this site. Everyone is automatically enrolled in the revised version of Universal Precautions and Confidentiality when they are added as a new user in the system. (Fire Safety will still be available in the Learning Library.) We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have an accreditation visit scheduled for the early part of this year, we will be in touch with you about onboarding you first. Please let us know, if you have any questions or concerns. The best thing to do is email: ChristaT@teenchallengeusa.org. 

We will be taking this site down from the staff site the first week of June. We recommend having all courses on this site completed by then. However, you are welcome to enroll in courses as long as it remains up and available. After the first week of June, if you are still working, you will be given a private link to access your course so you can complete it. You can also choose to have us transition your work from the old platform to ATC Bridge and you can complete the course there. 

New Online Learning Platform: ATC Bridge

Already onboarded to the new ATC Bridge training platform? Access your courses or add/remove users using the links below. 

Adult & Teen Challenge USA Online Training provides training courses for all Adult & Teen Challenge staff members and volunteers.

Create an Account

To take a course you must create a personal account. You must be logged in to take the courses and to track your progress and certificates.


PSNL Online Certification
Certification course to teach the PSNL curriculum.

PSNL Renewal Course
Certification renewal course for existing PSNL teachers. 

Start Right Mentoring
A mentoring tool that can enhance your counseling ministry.

Foundations is a series of 6 individual courses that review foundational information regarding Teen Challenge.
1. How We Began
2. Who We Are
3. Who We Serve
4. What We Do
5. How Transformation Happens
6. Where We Are Going (must successfully complete all 5 other courses before taking this one.)

TC DNA – Prayer
One of seven courses about the DNA of Teen Challenge. It will highlight some practical ways that prayer is essential for effective Teen Challenge ministry.

Compassion Without Compromise
Password protected course for current Teen Challenge staff. It addresses how to compassionately minister to someone desiring freedom from homosexuality.

The cool stuff

When you have completed a course and passed all quizzes, you will be issued a certificate for the course which you can use to verify that you have completed the course.

There will be an ever growing variety and diversity of courses learning interactions designed to make learning engaging, fun and memorable.

For the Newbies

To fully complete a course and receive a certificate you will be required to:

  • Click “mark complete” at the end of each lesson topic. A green dot indicates a completed lesson or lesson topic.
  • The Lesson list at the bottom of the course page tracks your progress.
  • You must pass the quiz that is at the end of each lesson with a score of at least 85%.

Please feel free to email us with any concerns or issues. training@teenchallengeusa.com