PSNL Renewal Course

PSNL Renewal Course

PSNL – Personal Studies for New Life in Christ – Renewal Teacher Certification Course
Formerly known as PSNC (Personal Studies for New Christians)

DO NOT ENROLL in this course, if you have not already completed your PSNL Teacher Certification Course. We will make sure that we have record of your certification on file before you may begin the course. If you need full PSNL certification and not the annual renewal course to keep your existing certification current, click here to enroll in that course.

DO NOT ENROLL in this course, if your PSNL certification is expired by 2 years or more. You need to take the full PSNL certification course, instead. Click here to enroll in that course.


PSNL (Personal Studies for New Life in Christ) is the system, process and curriculum for individualized discipleship that is implemented in Adult & Teen Challenge ministries.  PSNL Teacher Certification Renewal is required annual training to implement the PSNL in your ministry. This course prepares teachers for effective implementation of the PSNL curriculum, structure and process. This maximizes the potential of personalized discipleship in having a life-changing impact in the lives of your students.

Course Pre-requisites

You must already be a certified PSNL teacher

Needed Materials

We are assuming that you already own a copy of the PSNL materials you used when you were certified. For this course, though, you will need one copy of either the male or female versions of the following:

  • PSNL 105M & 105F: Value of You
  • PSNL 205M: Value of Your Masculinity & 205F: Treasure of Your Femininity
  • PSNL 305M & 305F: Eyes Wide Open
  • PSNL 405M & 405F: Intimacy With God
  • PSNL 505M & 505F: Connecting With Others
  • PSNL 605M & 605F: The Intimacy of Marriage
  • Intimacy with Purpose Teacher Guide & Answer Key for lessons 105-605.


Registration is required for this course. There is a $15 registration fee. If you are serving at an Adult & Teen Challenge ministry, you have the option to bill your center.


  • Information on updates to PSNL or announcements we would like you to be aware of
  • Valuable tools to assist you in the PSNL classroom.

Who is This Course For?

  • Any currently certified PSNL teachers who will be/are teaching in the PSNL classroom
  • It is recommend all ATC staff members be trained in PSNL because
    • They will better understand and engage students about what they are learning in PSNL class
    • They can fill-in the PSNL class if needed
    • You are then never at risk for being under the minimum number PSNL certified teachers required by Accreditation Standards.
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